Why is China so modern while India is lagging behind?

Brace yourself for a very politically incorrect and a highly angry answer from a very angry Indian.

This is Beijing Daxing International Airport

which apparently took exactly 5 years to get completed. It happens to be the largest single-structure airport terminal.

Five years, get it? That’s the exact time for which a government in India under a party or alliance is supposed to run in one term.

Now a curious question my friend.

How much time will it take for India to make an exactly similar airport, assuming the government is very much sincere about the project?

Well, first, it will need land. And to get land, you will need to find one. Since land in India can be got for such a thing only by clearing forests or some sort of vegetation, demolishing old constructions which is of no use, and to buy land from some other source(s) . No problem, this hurdle is easy to overcome

Next is tender for construction. Okay, this is easy too.

Now comes commitment. I guess this is a left-hand play. For a government who can construct highways fast, this is something they definitely can do, right?

Now, let’s go back to first point. What if there was a patch of vegetation???


A retinue of fellows claiming to be environmental activists, farmer activists, activists against common sense, will begin a protest on why trees and grasses are being removed.

Next a retinue of film stars whose weddings have a larger carbon footprint than what my family produces in a year and who currently lives outside India, will give us their piece of mind on why hurting grass is bad.

Finally some politician trying to sharpen his dividend (doesn’t matter if in opposition or government) will try the best to gain some followers.

Someone will try to take it to hon’ble Supreme Court and try hard to delay this even further.

A project that can get completed in 5 years or less will get completed in 15 years!!!!!!!!

You serious ????

And such is the story of literally everything that requires a patch of land- Metro shed, factory, highways, railway stations, nuclear power plant, high speed railway lines, …….insert your choice. Brand every single of them as a “corporate conspiracy”, “Product of Ambani” , “capitalist conspiracy”, “anti-environment”, “anti poor” and let India be the battleground of everything like “Hindi imposition”,”Intolerance”, “Award-Wapsi” .

All the fellows who will be into this, showing how much they stand for the beautiful and romantic idea of “anti-corporatism” will ironically, do all these with help of free JIO sims made by Mukesh Ambani, wearing clothes from Westside run by TATA group, sitting on a bike assembled by Rahul Bajaj’s company, and with phones made by guess who?????

Go ahead dear Indians,please protest against that Japanese company which might help you have faster trains between Delhi and Bhopal

You want good trains, but you don’t like high speed train tracks occupying a strip of land in a farm.

You want Made in India phones but have problems with a cellphone factory set in neighbourhood

You want metro trains, but have a problem with a shed occupying a tiny region.

You want uninterrupted electricity, but have problems with a power plant.

You call yourself as anti-corporate, yet work in Amazon

In short, you think yourself as smart, but you are an emotional fool

Every time you behave as an emotional fool, someone in Beijing laughs on a joke, and I guess you can see that joke, at a nearby mirror maybe???

It is 2019 where industries and infrastructure rule the roost, and a country which has more of these will be the one to wield maximum power and the one which would provide the highest standards of living. Badmouthing corporate culture is like hitting your own legs with an axe.

You want India to speed up? The first step is to stop acting as a fricking roadblock. Atleast you can do this much I guess, alongside changing your mindset and priorities. Is that too much to ask?

China thanks to its mindset of supporting industralization lifted its own poor to middle-class levels, at a speed no other nation managed to do. India on other hand managed to reduce its poverty significantly in two decades.

Two decades. You know what went right two decades ago??? Liberalization of economy. China did that way before India did, and they did it under a non-democratic government. India under democracy managed to do it in 2 decades, slower than China. I think that we can do it faster even without becoming a non-democratic nation, provided that people of India stop behaving like emotional fools. We just need to support more industries and infrastructure.

India expects every man and woman to side with her in the race to progress, not against it. If you are against it, you are part of the problem and not solution.

Maruthi Prasad

I'm Maruthi Prasad,a self made entrepreneur.Founded TechnoSymbol.com and WeAreJobSeekers.com .And also I am a web designer & web developer based in Bangalore,India.

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