Who’s the most talented Indian male actor?

most talented Indian male actor

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Jeetendra Kumar aka Jeetu!

This man cracks me up every time he is on screen. He holds a B.Tech in civil engineering from IIT Kgp and over time he has become an indispensable member of the TVF team who leaves a lasting impression on the viewers with his innocent yet subtle acts.

Who can forget the iconic dialogue:

Gunde nahi entrepreneurs hain ……..

Every other small town guy who has an engineering background can easily relate to him and his mannerisms. The ease with which he portrays such diverse roles is certainly commendable.

Some of the popular roles essayed by him are:-

  • Munna Jazbati, where he portrays the life of an intern:


  • Jeetu-Tech Conversations with Dad:


  • Arjun Kejriwal:

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