Who is the most humble billionaire?

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Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi.

  • Lei Jun is an extremely humble guy.

Pic 1: Mr Lei was playing with his latest phone back then – Xiaomi Max in his economy seat that looked cramped and uncomfortable for a multimillionaire.

Pic 2: The son of the wealthiest man in China Wang SiCong mocked Lei Jun for his terrible English when Mr Lei gave a brief speech for XiaoMi’s conference in India: “To the entrepreneurs in China, please don’t embarrass yourself by speaking English in other countries!”

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Pic 3: Mr Lei never took others’ taunts to heart and he’s glad that his “terrible English” brought a smile to millions of people across India and China. He later apologised for embarrassing his alma mater – Wu Han Univeristy on global stage.

  • Lei Jun is an extremely diligent billionaire.

He’s now the CEO of Xiaomi, the board chairman of ShunWei Capital – a venture capital corporation managing billions across the world, chairman of Kingsoft, YY, and Cheetah Mobile – all of which are extremely successful software companies worth billions, AND the representative of people in The Republic of China. He was once the chairman of UC too, the producer of wildly popular UC browser. He works 12 hours everyday and he’s 47 now.

Elon Musk – another billionaire that I respect a lot – was all over Quora, yet I’ve never seen anybody mention Lei Jun before; he deserves to be revered as much as Elon.

  • Lei Jun is an extremely ambitious billionaire with the heart of improving the lives of millions.

Just like Elon, Lei Jun made his fortune way earlier through multiple investments in huge firms including KingSoft which he founded and UC. Although he could’ve retired and enjoyed writing and drinking Coke(his favourite drink), he founded Xiaomi, one of the most popular smartphone company in the world now.

Before Xiaomi, mediocre smartphones sold for unreasonably high price in China. Imitation goods with no brands dominated the lower end market.

After Xiaomi, the price of flagships smartphones, except Apple and Samsung, were brought to the floor. Brandless fake products were extinct.

Pic 4: Xiaomi Mi 1, the first phone from Xiaomi that changed the smartphone market in China.

Millions of poor Chinese had access to a high tech product and the internet for the first time.

  • Lei Jun is an extremely charitable billionaire.

He has donated altogether 100 million RMB to his alma mater WuHan University. Xiaomi Inc equipped all the primary schools in Bei Jing with their air purifier during the horrendous haze season. The bonus shares awarded by Kingsoft to Lei Jun, worth of 80 million RMB, were all given to KingSoft’s workers – each of them received 20 thousands RMB.

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Pic 5: Lei Jun posing in front of Xiaomi’s best looking smartphone in history – Mi Mix.

Pic 6: Lei Jun on the cover of Forbes. Xiaomi was the most valuable startup – even more so than UBER.

A down-to-earth guy who never bothered marketing himself as Ironman, but was indeed doing world changing deeds as great as Tony Stark. SALUTE!

Credits: Jason Cha

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