WhatsApp Now Allows You To Send Documents

A latest WhatsApp update now allows you to send documents to other people. The Facebook-owned app has included this long-sought-after feature in both their iOS and Android apps.

The latest updates for WhatsApp are v2.12.453 for Android and v2.12.4 for iOS. A lot of users on Android are not able to see the document under attachments yet. You can still download the newest v2.12.489 from the website. For now, only PDF files can be sent. The person receiving the document will also need the updated version. A lot of users switched to messengers like Telegram because of the lack of document sharing support.

The new updates bring a slew of features in both the versions. Now users can see the blue ticks on the main message window, without even opening that particular chat window. In the Android version now there are 100 additional emojis, support for 5 more languages and Marshmallow permission support.

document upload

In iOS, users can share videos and photos from file sharing and uploading services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Additionally, they can choose colors for chat background. Pinch-to-zoom facility while playing videos is also added.


WhatsApp beta for Android also got new features recently. Sharing Links became easier as the link will be copied to the clipboard on the long press. Apart from that, you can also see the history of shared links with the particular contact or group besides the media tab. And you can control how many messages you want to clear.

Recently, WhatsApp pulled out the support for Symbian and Blackberry devices. There were also rumours that Whatsapp is soon going to share the data with Facebook. In January, they had removed the $1 annual fee for all the countries and all the versions trying to find new revenue channels.

Courtesy Citation : Huffingtonpost.in

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