What should every Indian know about the USA?

What should every Indian know about the USA

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1. Fake smiles , fake hello, fake hi. At first you will think the people are soo nice. Many will love it but you will realise it as the time passes that those are just fake smiles and they don’t mean it .In times of your need , your Indian friends will be most resourceful.

2. Electronic prices are not half of what we get in India. Apple products are less expensive than India with a price difference of 10,000- 15,000 rupees. It is easier to buy a car.

3. While you’re new , you will be converting the dollars to rupees every time you go for shopping.

4. It’s sunny till 8 pm and its not dark till 9 pm except for few southern states during summer. Also during winter, the sun rises at 9am and it will be dark by 4 pm.

5. People following the rules when there’s no police. Also, the Americans are very strict followers of routine. They are always before the scheduled time.

6. People using cards (credit/debit) as the basic mode of payment.

7. Most of the Indians who come here for MS , study for free. Apart from that, these students earn $800-$2000 every month depending upon the university. But still many would share rooms even after that. Not just the students but the working class as well.

8. Indians talking bad about India is very common. Many Indians forget their mother tongue (while speaking with other Indians ). This is very disgusting and hurts me alot. I always wonder how they can tell such bad things about the country they lived all their lives.

9. Many Indians who come to US for MS/MBA don’t want to go back home. Their only purpose is to get a job and get settled in the US. They can do anything for getting a green card. There are very few exceptional cases who return back to their country.

10. The house/apartments that you rent are administered / taken care by realty companies. You won’t be dealing with the land Lord at any point of time. Rent is paid to the realty companies. Housing is expensive, especially if you will be going to big cities.

11. Eating outside might be expensive for many. It will be tasteless and you will miss your mom’s cooking. Many of my friends cook for themselves and eat at home. Many people are always in search of free food. Taste doesn’t matter. You just need to fill your tummy.

12. You will be surprised with the phone bills . Its very expensive. You will have to pay $60 a month if you are not within a family plan. It will be cheap if you’re on a family plan.

13. It’s easier to get laid in US than in India and without much effort and Condoms are little expensive . Bars are much lively than India, especially on Friday, Saturday nights and on game days. Beer, whisky is cheaper than India. Smokes and stuff is expensive than India.

14. People will be holding the door for you, telling thank you and sorry for almost everything will be very common.

15. When you’re new , you will use video calling. After a month you will change to phone call a day. This go to once in two days , once in three days. Some of my friends call just once in a week. I remember my mom once told me that I don’t call her everyday. I told her that i was busy with assignments and other work. She told me –

Tumhare paas 2 minute nai hai mujhse baat karne ke liye

Translation – ” you don’t have 2 minutes to talk with me”

I am guy but I cried when she told this to me. This small sentence had such sadness in it that I cannot describe in words. Since that day i call her everyday. It will hardly take 5 minutes of your day. Please don’t forget your parents, call them everyday. They are waiting for your call all the day , just to speak with you only for 5 minutes.

I can remember another moment when i cried was when my beloved mom asked me –

“Kya mai tumhe Skype pe dekh sakti hoon ? Pehle tum Skype pe call kiya karte the abhi kyu nai karte. Mere bacche tujhe dekhne ka bohat ji karta hai. Tu itna door kyu chala gaya ? “

Translation – ” Can I please see you on Skype? In the past, you used to call on Skype but now you don’t. My son, I want to see you with all my heart (kind of a yearning) . Why did you go soo far away from me “

The translation won’t do justice to the sadness hidden in those words. My heart shattered into pieces and I cried myself inside out on that occasion. I told her that you don’t have to ask for my permission mom. Please don’t ask me , just order me as you did before. I once read a small line from a person (i am not able to recall his name ) that I want to write it down even though it’s not related to the answer –

My mother is the most beautiful woman i ever saw. All I am, I owe it to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her. She is my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness.

I will keep adding others when I remember.

Credit goes to: Mustafees Khan

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