What is wrong with the Indian education system?

My sister is in 6th standard,they have internal assessment every three months or so I guess. There was a question in the English paper to write an essay about your hero and it was clearly written,” that hero can also be someone who you personally know”. My sister wrote that essay on me (touched), stating that, I am the hero of her life.When she came back home after the exam and told us about this, my parents were really glad to hear this as we are always fighting and beating each other up. After few weeks she got the paper. She threw the paper, shut the door and started crying. We kept asking her what’s the matter and she being introvert opened up the next day. She said that she hid the paper in the kitchen. My mother went and checked it. This was the reason she cried.

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Thing written with red pen by her teacher-
“Your hero should be somebody whom you know well. Not your relatives”
Needless to say she was given zero mark for this answer and she was mocked by her classmates for not writing the essay on Gandhiji which was given a day before the exam.
This hurt me really bad, I really can’t tolerate creativity and new ideas stabbed right in the face.
P.S: As many of them have asked in the comment section that did my parents go to the principal. Yeah obviously,my mother had been to the school next day. My mother said the teacher responded in this way-“parents can’t handle a zero in the paper of their kids and keep whining even without seeing that the answer written is wrong”. My mother tried explaining her how it was not all about the bullshit marks it was the wrong attitude that she has as a teacher but all that went in vain. She lacked the ability to understand anything. However my mother asked the head sir to look after this issue. And you all would be happy to know that she no more teaches there because there were many complaints against her. And about the handwriting, NO! I didn’t cook up the story, I am a medical student (4th sem) we have classes 8-5 I don’t have time to sit and write all this then take a red pen and do all this drama to seek any kind of attention. I mean what good would it do to me,why on earth will I do all this. This is her real handwriting, it’s really good especially when she writes cursive. I wrote this answer just to share my experience sorry to all those who think I have escalated this issue. Even I am damn frustrated with the way we are taught and the way only those who score marks are applauded, I just wanted to share my experience with my folks.Thank you everyone for the response she read all the comments and had a smile throughout the reading, all I can say is she will sleep happy today.

Credit goes to : Ayesha Mansoor

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