What is the biggest and most mysterious secret that you have not revealed to anyone?

biggest and most mysterious secret

20, girl.

When i was 16 years old, we all went for a family trip. We took our three cars and sat accordingly.
It was night.
I was sitting beside my uncle. He was so good at making us laugh so without giving it a second thought, i sat beside him at the last seat of car. We were laughing, playing cards and totally chilling.
After 2 hours we all fell asleep.
When i was sleeping, suddenly i felt there is something on my breast.
I was deeply shocked when i found out it was uncle’s hand. i just took a side turn so that he would take his hand off but he didn’t. He continued doing that stuff.
I was so scared and thinking out what to do meanwhile he placed his hand on my right thigh and started touching my private parts.
I started sweating like i’m out of energy. I couldn’t even move.
And suddenly driver stopped the car nearby a shop to purchase water bottles.
I came out of the car and changed the car
I felt like telling it to my mom but i couldn’t.
A year ago, we all went out of the city for marriage, i was changing in my room and then he knocked. When i opened the door, he started asking me how i am doing and patted on back.
I just gave him a tight slap and told him to stay away from me as i know what he did three years ago. I told him i’m not that decent girl whom he can touch whereever he wants.

“Touch me and i’m gonna bust your a*s now” i said this and went out of the room.

I haven’t told this to anyone yet but i taught him a good lesson.
Now whenever i’m around, he hardly is able to utter a single word.

PS – if someone is doing these kinda stuff to you, raise your voice.
Don’t act like a coward as i did.

Edit 1- Thank you so much to all quorans for your support and appreciation 🙂
Fear is small, it’s the shadow which makes it big so you should always fight it with the light of courage inside you.

Edit 2- I’ve been holding this secret inside me from last 4 years. I never told it to anyone so when i saw this question i revealed it all. I don’t know why some people are saying that i made up this story. Had i wanted fame or something, i would’ve answered it with my name.
I just wanted to feel light and i did so.

Edit 3- You people are simply awesome. I’m feeling so good after receiving your words of support.
It means a lot.
I wanted to tell about him to my parents but his daughter’s smiling face came in front of my eyes everytime i thought of revealing it to my mom. Unfortunately i could not.
His actions prove that he is guilty of his bad deed so i’m letting it go 🙂

lots of love to all of you 🙂

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