What is maturity?

What is maturity

Maturity is when:

  • You don’t worry your mother with your problems so that she doesn’t lose her sleep.
  • You don’t try to please everyone in your life.
  • You don’t offer just money to the beggar instead you offer him a one time meal.
  • You don’t argue with your parents to buy you a new gadget instead you gift them one.
  • You don’t tend to update your status with your feeling every hour.
  • You don’t seek validation of “you are a nice person” from everyone.
  • You don’t look for motivational lectures or advice from people around when you’re depressed instead you step out and realize that there are more unfortunate people around.
  • You don’t find humor in mocking at someone’s personality or appearance rather you find better topics to enhance your skill of humor.
  • You don’t find partying as the only way to refresh yourself. You sometimes prefer sitting quietly alone or with your friend in some peaceful place amidst scenic beauty.
  • You don’t seek revenge from everyone who was rude to you. Instead, you ignore or understand the situation of that person.
  • You don’t stand in the crowd discussing “nothing can change” instead you show them “you can be the change“.
  • You don’t expect your dear ones to surprise you with something special. Instead, you plan ways to tell them how special they are to you.
  • You don’t have to be told about the thin line between enjoying your independence and your limits by your parents.
  • You don’t keep yourself upset and negative with every failure. You discover new paths that’ll keep you happy and positive.
  • You don’t like and comment on each of your friends’ photo validating your friendship on Facebook.

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