What do batsmen talk to each other in between the over?

I don’t remember where I watched the interview of MSD, but this is what he said,

Reporter- What do batsmen talk to each other in between the over?

MSD- (First he laughed). Actually you will find it funny what we talk between overs. When we went to Bangladesh the food quality was not good. So me and Raina were playing and in middle of the overs we were talking about food. He said,”Dhoni bhai, yaha khana accha nahi hai”. (Translation: The food isn’t good here)

MSD said that they talk rubbish things when there is no pressure on batsman but if in a situation where they need to score under pressure they talk only about game plan.

PS.- Suresh Raina revealed the last over talk between him and Yuvraj, he said” After scoring 10 runs in two balls, Yuvraj asked me to take a single in any way. Things have happened according to plan. Two runs in the fourth ball and another two in the next delivery and in the final delivery boundary, Raina’s winning boundary in the last ball beat Australia 3-0

Credit goes to : Ajay Pilaniya

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