What are some things that make Indians sad?

Some things that make Indians sad :

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  1. We are ready to stand in queue and pay hefty amount for a phone even if you have to take loan to purchase Phones.

But we never stop to bargain with this lady who has to fight everyday for a meal for her family.

2) That somebody has to teach us simple things like this

But nobody teaches us to this , but most have PhD in this :

and this

3) Giving so much coverage and wasting so much time on this :

But very few have time to pay tribute or even think about them

4) That we never watch or support movies like this :

But most will surely have time to watch these movies

Disgusting !!

5) That we will do this , without any logic :

But very few will do this or at least support these real life heroes even when there is logic :

5) Our children know more about this guy:

but not this guy :

6) That we spend more time watching this :

but not this :

PS (Channel operators reading this, please note , I am not against your channel , only against the content you air !)

7) We will continue to abuse him on social media for doing his duty

But we are ok with this and can tolerate this :

8) That we had no courage to stop this LIVE horror : More details : Female Infosys employee hacked to death at Chennai’s Nungambakkam railway station

But our self proclaimed ‘leaders’ will never miss a chance to comment on a women’s attire :

9) That we like to go this way even inside city , but if someone comes right opposite to you , will make sure to abuse him/her :

10) That we buy helmets due to the fear of cops and not for safety reasons

11) Blaming reservation and still want bride/groom from same caste.

12) That we are ready to share this type of BS :

But not this :

13)Will take up Engineering then do MBA and then end up working at a Bank in America (That’s from the 3 Idiot movie )

14) Will sleep late, get up late , go to work hurriedly driving/riding without seatbelt/helmet meet with an accident and end up in hospital bed and blame your stars or God !

15) Will not plant trees but will give lectures on Global warming .

16) Won’t go to vote yet curse the politicians !

17) Will not stop for a red light on traffic signal but will stop seeing a black cat crossing.

18) A country of 1635+ languages united by a foreign language

19) You have to look both ways to cross one way road !

20) Will celebrate Raksha Bandhan and Mother’s day and still use cuss words like MC BC !!

Credit goes to: Sathya Manipal

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