What are some things that Amazon does that would surprise people?

things that Amazon does that would surprise people (1)

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A tale that fills my heart with the innocence of childhood.
There was a little boy named Rudra Joshi. He wanted a lightsaber when he saw the Star Wars movie last year. His mother told him to save for it & guess what he saved 1006 coins. Now his mother, Banani Joshi could obviously exchange it for notes but she suggested her son to write a letter to amazon asking about whether they would accept coins if he opted for Cash on Delivery. This is what the child wrote.

And guess what recently on the Bengali New Year, Amazon India did an amazing gesture. They sent him a gift, A brand new red Lightsaber.

Kudos! Amazon I don’t really care about how much discount is on your site and the low costs of products. It is gestures like these that bring a smile to my face.

Credit goes to: Yash Bhardwaj

things that Amazon does that would surprise people (2)

This just happened.
I had ordered a book ( A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson) from Amazon. It was to be delivered today as was informed to me via mail, app and messages.
I reached my room and found this-

My cellphone had a missed call from the delivery guy. I called him back but he didn’t answer.
With may be this is some new strategy where in if you miss the delivery once , you will have to pay or go to the courier office to get your order playing in my mind, I sat down for lunch. Within ten minutes I got a call from Amazon about missing my order and if I was now available at the address and within the next ten minutes , I had my book!!! 🙂

Plus he didn’t even take the sign back.
It’s kinda cool.

Credit goes to: Mandavi Dwivedi

things that Amazon does that would surprise people (3)

All the apps available on playstore get several updates. Very frequently.

But I don’t update them all. I just ignore them most of the times thinking ‘Another useless update’ that’d take some more precious space on my phone.

Yesterday I saw an update of Amazon Shopping app. I was repeating the same thing in my mind but then out of nowhere I just clicked on that notification to open the app’s play store page.

As you know whenever there’s an update a green section appears saying “What’s new” which describes the updates. Some apps like Uber just ignore to give those details, I think. They just give you warnings on the app itself that you won’t be able to use if you don’t update.

But that’s not the case with Amazon.

So I clicked on what’s new and this is what I found:

I’ll quote that:

“There are 3,600,600 milliseconds in an hour. Sounds like a lot of time, huh? At Amazon, we measure every extra millisecond it takes for a page to load. And every day, we have developers who are helping Amazon load faster, one millisecond at a time. Just like you aren’t the same person today that you were a year ago, the Amazon App continues to improve, hoping to make your life better, millisecond by millisecond. Have a great day! -The Amazon Android Team.”

Till date this is the best update description I’ve found ever. AND this is not just a app update description but also an insight into what Amazon believes in and stands for – it’s customers and their convenience (time saving).

A really well thought of description!

Credit goes to: Akash Poddar

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