What are some places in India that are hard to believe exist until you visit them?

This is Indian Institute of Technology Mandi (I.I.T Mandi), Himachal Pradesh, India. I am seriously astonished and lost in the beauty of nature when I reached here.

The mother nature has written something over it. Here are few moments in clicks.

A Sunny Days, in Kamand Campus.

Electrical Engineering Lab

Taken from Central Library

Taken from D1 mess


Mechanical Workshop Road

Near D2 Mess

Uhl River flows in touch with campus

Campus view from top

Taken from Bio Lab

Rainy Days

From Central Library

Below clouds there is a city called Mandi

Below clouds there is a city called Mandi




During Storm

This November, 2018

Morning Dew into Ice

February Winters

Starting it with IIT Mandi, South Campus.

Now the IIT Mandi, North Campus

Credits : Srivastava Vinit

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