What are some of the lesser known stories about the Ambanis

 Lesser known stories about the Ambanis

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The Ambani narrated an incident during an interview . During childhood they used to go for watching a cricket match at Wankhede & Braborn stadium at Mumbai with Dhirubhai.

While watching the match, Dhirubhai used to give option to them, either select Packet of chips or Cola drink. During that time too they were one of the richest in the country. Still Dhirubhai didn’t let them buy both at a stroke.

So they used to have Chips & Cola each & share within them. Thus they learnt the values of Sharing & not wasting money simply because one can afford it.

In an another incident, when Mukesh Ambani went for higher studies abroad, Dhirubhai gave him handful of money & strictly warned him not to borrow a single penny using his name. Even he employed a private detective in abroad to check whether Mukesh is misusing his name to have unjust benefits.

To his surprise, Mukesh worked at Gas Stations & Restaurants to earn & didn’t let his father down.

Credit goes to: Aniruddha Prakashkar

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