What are some of the best examples of hypocrisy in India?

the best examples of hypocrisy in India? (Example 1)

My sister was taking a selfie with her (male) friend like this, my mom found it in her smartphone.

After that she got some good scolding from my mom.

After some days i took a selfie in somewhat same pose with my female friend in front of my mom.

Till date I haven’t heard anything about that from my mom.

2nd incident

My sister’s friends visit my home and so does my sister visits her home for studies.

Once they both decided to study at night.

My home was more convenient for it, because we have an extra room and we are nuclear family.Her friend lives in joint family.

So they decided to study at my home.

But suddenly her grandfather called my sister and asked about how many brothers she had.

She replied about it and her grandfather said “she will not come to your home, although if you want to study, you can come to our home.”

Actually they have more male members in their joint family in any aspect (married /single/younger/elder)

Indirectly, he meant that all male members in our family are rapist and all in theirs are brahmachari sages.

Credit goes to: Vitrag Parekh

the best examples of hypocrisy in India? Example 2

Dinner conversation

Mom: Listen, I am not accepting any more excuses on your packed work schedule. Try to make some time and meet this guy. He is kumar uncle’s family friend’s son.

Me: But amma what about that other guy you were talking about last time? I found him interesting.

Mom: He doesn’t have a job so we rejected his profile.

Me: What is the necessity for him to have a job when he is running his own business?

Mom: Let him do whatever he wants but he should have a job na? How can I marry off my daughter to someone whose income is not secured? Also he is an undergraduate (Engineer).

Me: As far as I understood he is making decent money with his startup and he is so confident about his goals and future plans. Anyways I am also working so what’s the problem here with secured income?

Mom: Listen, he is an undergraduate with no job. You are a post graduate working for a MNC earning exceptionally well for your age. It is not going to work, that’s it.

Fast forward few months

Sumathi aunty: So what kind of girl are you expecting for your son?

Mom: A fair skinned working woman with a postgraduate degree. She has to earn at least50K per month. She has to support my son’s career.

Me: Nice mom (with a huge grin).

Yeah, My brother is an engineer struggling with his startup.

Credit goes to : Sharmila Ashraf

the best examples of hypocrisy in India? Example 3

Yesterday I was talking with one of my female friends. We were talking after a long period of time. So the conversation goes like this :

Me : What happened? You were looking boys for marriage. Did you like someone ?

She : No , I didn’t like any of them. I have seen 2 boys. Both of them are working in NTPC as executives.

Me : That’s great. So what went wrong with them ?

She : They were assholes; they had a problem with my job. Both of them wanted me to leave my current job.

Me : Actually this is not their fault. Most of the plants of NTPC are situated in remote areas, if you have to live with your husband, then you have to leave the job because you won’t find enough companies for a job.

She (furious) : You all are same, you are also talking like those boys only. You will never understand what a job means to us. I am equally qualified as those guys, then why should I leave the job why can’t he leave his job if necessary.

Me ( ashamed ) : Yeah, you are right.



Here we had some conversation for around 15 minutes which is not at all related to marriage and job. Then further conversation goes as follows :



She : So how is your job going on ?

Me : It has become a monotonous job. I am bored of this job.

She : Ohh , I feel pity for you. You poor boys can’t even leave the job. You have to support your family. If I had got bored of my job, I would have left it next day, why should I suffer?

Me : But who will support your family ?

She : What husbands are for ? It is his duty to earn for living.

Me : I thought we were talking about feminism.

Edit : Some people are having doubt if this conversation happened in real ? Their doubt is obvious because I didn’t mention that we had some other conversation in between. So it sounded that this girl contradicted herself in couple of sentences. So I am mentioning where we had this other conversation. This may help to believe that the conversation is real.

And Nowhere in my answer I have generalise this hypocrisy on all girls. I have only quoted one incident.

Credit goes to: Sharad Raghuwanshi

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