This Vintage Vijay Mallya Interview From 1998 Is Full Of Golden Quotes

While the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) are now looking into the overseas assets of Vijay Mallya as they pursue him to return the Rs 9,091 crore he owes to creditors of his grounded airline, the businessman probably misses his golden days.


The ‘King of Good Times’ really lived up to his name once, playing hard and winning often. He was often called India’s Donald Trump and at other times, likened to Richard Branson. But Mallya had little inkling what was to hit him years later. Or, that both he and Donald Trump would be in the news for completely different reasons.

In a 1998 interview, that is going viral on Reddit, a young Mallya candidly answers some questions, but is playfully coy on who his enemies are. Evidently rich and without a care in the world, he talks about his horses, cars, yacht, racing car obsession… and doesn’t really mind showing off.

The almost two decades-old vintage interview shows Mallya in his engaging best, throwing golden quotes that are trademark of his flippant, almost wickedly controversial side. The businessman readily admits to having “plenty” of enemies, and, in return, hating the “guts” of many, but refuses to name anyone.

When asked how he felt being addressed as the ‘Donald Trump of India,’ he says: “Well, I don’t know Mr Trump personally, I’ve read a lot about him. He obviously likes to live his life, as I indeed do… but not yet anywhere near bankruptcy.”

He does admit to his similarity with Trump in respect of the love for women, and in fact, throws a counter question: “There’s nothing wrong in appreciating beauty, is there?”

In the interview, Mallya admits to owning a “fair number” of horses, but not knowing how to ride them. Asked if he’s indeed a ‘superb rally driver,’ he says: “You gotta be able to drive… something.”

So, was he a ‘superb driver’ because he could afford the best cars, or because he is a brilliant rally driver? Mallya’s response: “Combination of both I guess.”

Mallya also says he drinks his own brand of alcohol and asked that if it’s as good foreign liquor, he says: “Sometimes even better.”

Watch the video above.

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