What are some ugly truths of life?

ugly truths of life

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  1. Not everyone will succeed- some people are born with syndromes that will forever hinder them. Whereas most have the potential to succeed and thrive. But most people won’t, they won’t take the risk, some will quit early or die young. The die-hard truth is that a lot of people will go to their graves with their music still in them.
  2. Women want money- it’s a fact! Forget about all those feel-good statements that say ‘looks and money don’t matter to women’. They do! If you are not rich, there is a high chance what your wife will dump your ass and follow another stronger man. It’s not her fault, it’s just that women are wired subconsciously to desire men with more power who can give them stronger offspring.
  3. Nobody really cares about you- Everyone is selfish and will only be your friend if they’ll get something in return. It’s just the way we’re all wired.
  4. Problems will always show up in your life- You either accept that and look for solutions or whine, and live an awful life. Your choice.
  5. Someone you love may cheat on you- I’ve seduced a girl before who gave her all to me. She left her hostel to stay with me, bought me stuffs and would always do things to please me. She later fucked my neighbor. Ouch!
  6. People will lie to you everyday- Yes they’ll lie to look good to you and influence you. I do it too! Just like number 2 is not totally true.
  7. Girls like sex more than men- and they all know it and will always refuse to admit it.
  8. Connection is better than hard-work- you may have to work for 10 years to make it big and someone somewhere might just know another person who will open a door and he’ll achieve it in six months. Sorry.
  9. People will hate and try everything to pull you down when you try to succeed- I fought with and was discouraged rigorously by my peers and family when I decided to start blogging in medical school. All of my friends shouted “you’ll fail”. I did fail, but I later got thousands of viewers. Be ready for real opposition when you try to succeed.
  10. You’re the average of your five closest friends- People always argue about this. But it’s so true. Just take a minute to check out the friends of Bill Gates. You’ll see that they are all on the Forbes Richest list. Look up the best friends of top bloggers. They’ll all be top bloggers. Who are the best friends of Stephen King? You already know them…….
  11. You can die at anytime- I had a classmate who was playing on her bed and hit her head on the wall. She died before the emergency service arrived. People die in the worst imaginable way. Stop thinking you’ll live forever.
  12. You’re in 1000% control of your life- If you think like a victim who believes some help or God is coming to absolve you, you’re done for.
  13. Nothing is more important than love- I’ve found that if I just love myself and everyone else and I don’t judge or take things personally, I become so much more happier. It’s like I turned off the switch for unhappiness. Start loving yourself and everyone else.
  14. A stitch in time saves nine- If you go for a regular medical check-up every 3 months you’ll never die of cancer because it’ll be detected early and treated perfectly.
  15. Quora is saving lives- Do you believe it? I do
  16. Mistakes are good- Take this for instance – I wrote this answer choke full of grammatical blunders and it has gathered 13k views. That’s life, mistakes will always happen. I made that many mistakes because I was sleepy and didn’t edit it before posting it. Mistakes are inevitable. Stat 2 bcum com4table wit Dem.. I intentionally wrote it that way.. Duh
  17. You can’t gain 100% approval no matter what you do- My life experiences and Quora seem to confirms this perfectly. There is nothing you can do that will please everyone. Some will always like what you do, some will hate it and some won’t care. Take this answer for an example, there are positive comments and negative comments. That’s life, don’t try to please everyone, just do you!
  18. Fear never disappears- I have wasted thousands of hours searching for a magic trick on the Internet that’ll dissolve my fears. The hard truth I eventually found out is that fear never leaves. I just have to accept that and find a way to take action in spite of it.

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