If Trump sends back Indians, is it good for Indian economy or Bad?

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First, the premise is wrong. Trump is not likely to send Indians back home. Trump’s voters are blue collar workers and they care about blue collar jobs. There are not many blue collar jobs outsourced to India. On the other hand, Clinton’s voters are white collar workers and they are usually the strongest on outsourcing topics.

Maybe there would be some clampdown on H1b abusing greymarket companies, but such clampdown would help legitimate seekers from India who will have more room to breathe on the lottery front. On the whole, I don’t see many Indians impacted by Trump.

That said, if many educated Indians come back to India on their own volition, that would be time to party. We will welcome them back home, help them settle and build a stronger India. It is an exciting time for us in India and a lot of cool technology to be built.

Credits: Balaji Viswanathan

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