Does true love exist?

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Does true love exist

It did for me. She lived miles away from me back home in India. Even though I am married and have a lovely wife taking care of me and my  kiddo, she would still make it a point to call me up every single day to find out if I had eaten my dinner on time and whether I was doing well. My mobile phone shows  ‘829‘ contacts. And every single time I got into a crisis or was down in the dumps for any reason, her’s would be the number which got dialed from my phone. She never told me whether she was  sick, down with fever or in pain but she ensured to be there whenever I needed her.

Strangely last Wednesday she didn’t call. Feeling something amiss I called her and she was her jovial self and told me she got a bit busy shopping with her husband and hence forgot to call me. Same thing happened for the next 2 days with no calls from her and I too didn’t bother to call.

On Friday I came to know, she had lied. She was not busy shopping but she was suffering and in pain for the past few days. The pain was so intense that she couldn’t even talk and hence did not call me. She passed away on Friday.

“She did not want you to worry unnecessarily” was the reply I got from my dad when I asked him why no one bothered to tell me before when she was suffering but alive.

Today with tears in my eyes, I am deleting that one contact, from my phone directory, to whom I was the world and wondering if true love ever existed, then I had just lost it, last Friday.

I miss you mom 🙁

Maruthi Prasad

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