Who are the top most current (living) inspiring Indians?

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Inspiring Indians

Amidst great inspirational I.A.S , I.P.S , IITian souls there exists a college dropout.

There exists a simple guy with an innocent heart who keeps on focusing on spirituality. He focuses on teaching the importance of peace, happiness, and containment. He conveys the age-old philosophy of Karma, brahmacharya and it’s importance in a convincing manner. He is more Learnt than many Pundits.

He is a great entrepreneur, who made his passion of photography his profession. He is the founder of the largest photography website in India , Imagesbazaar. Apart from receiving many awards, he holds a world record of shooting 10,000 photos within 24 hours.

He makes a turnover of nearly 10 million INR every year without studying into a B-school and tells about his secrets on how to be a successful entrepreneur.

He is Sandeep Maheshwari .

His you tube channel contains many self help and career guidance related videos. Link: Sandeep Maheshwari

Maruthi Prasad

I'm Maruthi Prasad,a self made entrepreneur.Founded TechnoSymbol.com and WeAreJobSeekers.com .And also I am a web designer & web developer based in Bangalore,India.

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