What are the top 10 things that really are worth your time?

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Top 10 things that really are worth your time

  1. Hustling – at least 8 hours daily.
    You take charge of your own life and make your dreams come true. You don’t just dream about it – you take massive action as well. When you hustle, you manifest your intangible thoughts into tangible outcomes in the real world. Hustling isn’t about keeping yourself busy. It’s about identifying the tasks with the highest value and executing them ruthlessly. While hustling isn’t a guarantee that you will succeed, failing to do so is a guarantee that you will fail.
  2. Slowing down in the middle of the day – 15 minutes daily.
    Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up with the never-ending hustling. You may forget to stop and smell the roses. Slow down. No, your time won’t be wasted, don’t worry. Your mind needs that short break. Slow down whenever you catch yourself moving too fast. Doing so will reward you with extra energy and creativity.
  3. Exercising – 30 minutes daily.
    You already know how important exercise is, right? It keeps your body in optimal condition, keeps your brain sharp and make you more confident. Make sure you exercise daily no matter how busy you get. You may think about putting off your exercise to another day, but you know what? The day never comes. If you sacrifice health for wealth, someday you’re going to sacrifice your wealth for health.
  4. Sleeping – 6 to 8 hours daily.
    I used to see people taking pride on their lack of sleep. They’re proud of sleeping for 2 hours a night to pursue their dreams. Then, they fell sick after a few days and took double the sleeping time to recover…The media over-glamorizes sleep deprivation. That’s sick, to be honest. Unless you’re genetically gifted to thrive consistently under sleep deprivation, get-enough-sleep. You have audacious goals, and that’s exactly why you must be well rested. Remember, you want to thrive in the long term.
  5. Visualizing long, middle and short term goals – 5 minutes daily.
    It’s easy to lose the big picture when you’re immersed in detailed executions. It’s also easy to miss out the details executions when you’re grasping the big picture. Switching between macro and micro activities is necessary, yet also clouds your mind. Visualizing long, middle and short term goals allow you to refresh your mind about your current situation. It gives you clarity and help you focus on the essential things. I visualize my goals every morning and it has been helpful in everything I do.

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  1. Planning your day – 10 minutes daily.
    This is different from visualizing goals, yet complementary. When you do #3, you set the goals or locate the destination. When you plan your day, you work on the specifics. If your goal is to grow your business into 10x of its current value, you plan your day in a way which propels you towards that goal. A plan should be specific, actionable and measurable. Spend 10 minutes on planning everyday and you’ll experience a productivity boost.
  2. Nurture your relationships – at least 1 hour daily.
    Your family and friends matter. They appear in your life for reasons. Cherish them. Let them know no matter how busy you are, you always have them in mind. I used to neglect them by accident because I was too immersed in my work. My family was missing me but I was working on the other side, like a robot…I’ve shown you my bitter mistake. Try not to repeat it.
  3. Spending time with people you look up to – 1 hour daily.
    There must be someone who is living the kind you life you envision. Spend time with them. This can be done through reaching out to relevant communities, joining a mastermind group or creating your own success cabinet. The thing is, spending time with these people need not be two-way all the time. You can also spend time with them via reading or actively learning from their YouTube videos or webinars. Leverage the best minds for your own growth.
  4. Enjoying your hobby- 30 minutes daily.
    Can be gardening, writing, listening to music. Basically anything. The time purposefully spent isn’t time wasted.
  5. Meditation – 10 minutes daily.
    I used to think that meditation is a passive and pointless action. “Why sit still without doing anything while the time is ticking? Come on, I have more important things to work on!” How naive I was. After a few meditation practices, I get a little taste of its true power. Meditation trains your mind to stay in the present moment. You’ll have much better focus and calmness throughout the day, not to mention the ineffable bliss when your mind is in a complete still state. Meditation – powerful stuff. I’m still an amateur at this, and I’ll definitely invest time in it.
  6. Reflection before going to bed – 10 minutes daily.
    No matter how well you’ve done anything, there’s always room for improvement. Reflect about the things you’ve done and think about how you can do better the next time. Just do that while laying, right before you sleep. You don’t necessarily learn things from every reflection. But the more you reflect, the better you will understand about yourself and the better person you will be come in the long run.

Thank you for reading. Together we improve. 🙂

Credits: Dylan Woon

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