Top 10 Mind Blowing Upcoming Technologies

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Top 10 Mind Blowing Upcoming Technologies

There is nothing as interesting as living in the age of innovation and new technologies. The things that we could have dreamt would be possible in only science fiction movies is become reality now due to the rapid rate of technology progress and innovation around the world, all of which have only made out lives easier and comfortable.  Here are Top 10 Mind Blowing Upcoming Technologies 2016.

Top 10 Mind Blowing Upcoming Technologies 2016

Top 10 Mind Blowing Upcoming Technologies

Top 10 Mind Blowing Upcoming Technologies

10. Password Tablets

At number 10 in Mind Blowing Upcoming Technologies 2016 is Password Tablets. One of the biggest headaches of living in today’s world has to be to remember all your passwords of various sites, mail ids, clouds storage, etc.  But thanks to some really smart and ingenious folks, that problem might soon be solved. Enter Password Tablets which when swallowed would interact with the computer near you and help you to use your accounts. The tablet would contain a chip which would make your body itself a moving breathing password.

9. Personal Robots

At number 9 in Mind Blowing Upcoming Technologies 2016 is Personal Robots. Ever since our first Science fiction movie, we all wanted out very own Personal Robots and that has become possible now.  Many companies already offer Personal Robots like Pepper- a humanoid robot that analyzes body language, facial expression and verbal cues to respond in a natural way and  Jibo – an all in one photographer, personal assistant, story teller and messenger robot.

8. Gest : Hand Gesture Tech Gadget

At number 8 is Gest. Augmented reality and gesture based interaction is the road to future and Gest is the device that has bought that future closer than ever. Gest has fifteen different sensors like accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, etc all of which allow a hands free control of the computer. Though it’s still in its nascent stages, you except it to have full control over all your electrical and electronic devices.

7. Artiphon Instrument 1

At number 7 is Artiphone Instrument 1. Be it a beginner who wants to try his hands at learning a musical instrument or a veteran who can play many instruments, Artiphon’s Instrument 1 will appeal to them both. Instrument 1 is a touch sensitive controller which can output sounds like that of a piano, guitar,  violin or just about anything you want. It is so amazing an instrument that during its kickstarter campaign, it got US $80,000 within 6 hours.

6. Hoverboard

At number 6 in Mind Blowing Upcoming Technologies 2016 is Hoverboard. Apart from Personal Robots, another gadget that we surely would love to have for ourselves is the Hoverboard. Hoverboard is a device which levitates over the ground and the rider can stand on it and direct it to where he wants to go. Hoverboards might not be as far in the future as you think considering there are already three types of working prototypes available.  Omni, Hendo and Lexus are the three Hoverboards that are currently in works.

5. Flying Bikes

At Number 5 is Flying Bikes. Though we have been always mesmerized with the idea of a flying bike ever since watching E.T., that time to actually own it might not be far away.  Aeroflex’s Hoverbike is actually a working Flying bike with a top speed of 30 mph and flying height of 15 feets. Another bike from Hungary called Flike has also been in news for being able to run for 30-40 minutes. Both are still in prototype stage and still a long time before they will be mass produced.

4. Cyclotron : The Most Advanced Bicycle/ Bike

At number 4 in Mind Blowing Upcoming Technologies 2016 is Cyclotron. On first look, Cyclotron as the name suggests look something out of the Tron movie, with its futuristic design, smooth angled exterior and spokeless wheels. Touted to be the most advanced bicycle ever made in the history and next technological leap in the history of bicycles, it has already reached its pledged amount of its kickstarter.  You can except to see these babies on the road soon.

3. Wireless Charging Using Ultrasonic Waves

At number 3 is Wireless Charging Using Ultrasonic Waves. With more gadgets comes the hassle to charge more devices, so a technology that allows all your devices to be charged wirelessly and simultaneously sounds too good to be true? Well not so, because uBeam has developed a working prototype of this technology that charges devices using Ultrasonic Waves. It is so promising that it has already received US $23.4 million in funding from top investors.

2. 3D Food Printers

At number 2 in Mind Blowing Upcoming Technologies 2016 is 3D Food Printers.  As bizarre and unreal as it may sound, this is actually a thing. 3D Food Printers are being developed as it is a healthy and environment friendly method to convert ingredients like algae, beet leaves, insects and proteins into food. This is still in development phase and will take some time before the first printed food can actually be considered healthy.

1. Transparent Solar Panels

At number 1 in Mind Blowing Upcoming Technologies 2016 is Transparent Solar Panel. We all know that Sun is the biggest source of continuous energy and the one source of alternate energy that has the potential to solve energy crisis forever if tapped efficiently. The first step in this road is the Transparent Solar Panels. Its applications are endless considering that every piece of glass be it our Smartphone or windows can be used to convert solar energy to electrical energy. Researchers at Michigan State University have already created it.

Science and Technology is constantly evolving and every day we hear news about some new path breaking technology. All of these have certainly made the 21st century a great time to live, as you can witness the transition from what we know as modern age to the futuristic age. Though there are countless ideas and technologies that are pushing the boundary of science, here are the technologies that are really mind boggling and which we can expect in our hands sometime in the future.


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