What are some things that happen only in India?

Some things that happen only in India

6:00 pm

Dad returns from office.

Mom returns from office.

Dad goes straight to his room to take a quick half-an-hour nap.

Mom goes straight to the kitchen to start preparing for the evening meal.

For the next hour, I hear the sound of snoring from dad’s room.

For the next hour, I hear the sound of pots and pans from the kitchen.

7:00 pm

Dad wakes up and comes out of his room.

Mom comes out of the kitchen and enters the bathroom.

Dad goes to the roof to tend his small rooftop garden – his leisurely hobby.

Mom has a lot of laundries to wash – she has no time for hobbies.

For the next hour, I hear dad’s footsteps on the rooftop.

For the next hour, I hear loud bangs of ‘thapi’ from the bathroom!

8:00 pm

Dad returns from the roof and turns on the TV.

Mom returns from the bathroom and goes back to the kitchen.

For dad, it’s time for the daily 8 o’clock news.

For mom, it’s time to cook dinner for the family of 8.

9:00 pm

The news is over.

Dinner is ready.

The entire family is munching happily on delicious chapattis.

Mom is in the kitchen baking those chapattis.

The entire dinner table is overflowing with conversation and laughter.

A solitary bang of ‘chimta’ on ‘tawa’ comes from the kitchen, every now and then!

10:00 pm

For the entire family, the dinner is over.

Mom brings out two chapattis and some ‘sabzi’ that was left-over

If none, then she happily opens the bottle of ‘achaar’.

She doesn’t feel hungry, maybe it’s the power of her ‘pyaar’

She has her solitary dinner, with her fifteen minutes of the TV,

Meanwhile, the entire family goes to the bed, well-fed and sleepy.

11:00 pm

One by one, lights of rooms start turning off –

Everyone going to sleep after a day well spent.

Mom enters back in the kitchen,

she still has the night dishes to do,

her day is far from over.

And just like that she glides

swiftly between tasks mundane,

sheer pride in serving her family,

and never a whiff of complaint!

Credits: Abhimanyu Sood 

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