The Truth Behind “Super 30”

This is about Mr. Anand Kumar, riding high on success of Super 30 and successfully fooling whole world since ages.

I am eligible to write about him as three years i have taken coaching from him in 11th,12th and after taking one year drop. I paid 6k each year so total 18k in total for almost 27 month of coaching. The batch in which i use to study comprises of almost 800 students. he use to teach 2 batches a day on M,W,F and 2 batches on T,T,S.

Let’s calculate money he was making from these classes at my time

M,W,F (Rs6000)*(800 Students)*(2 batch) =96 lac

T,T,S (Rs6000)*(800 Students)*(2 batch) =96 lac

A total of 1.92 cr a year and here i am excluding fees of Physics which use to be 3k and almost 1000 students get coaching for that also . They will force you to take physics class also if they want to get Math Coaching. Two teachers use to teach Physics and they were good for nothing. Imagine Ashish Nehra giving batting lessons to new comers, they were like that in Physics.

Overall he was making a min 2.5cr a year . Now coming back to Super 30.

Every year a test is conducted for admission in Super 30 , the level of question paper o is almost same as IIT. After test they will shortlist student by keeping all the factors in mind like category of Student, his strong and weak point etc.

Please note that till now he has never disclosed the list of selected students before IIT result. All the result that he use to provide to the media and whole world were after result announcement and in reality the original result comes from all the students in his institution around 4000 students. If the no. of students that have qualified is greater than 30 then simply he will declare 100% result, i.e all the students of Super 30 got qualified. if below 30 then the same he will float.

Due to his these dirty tactics Mr. Abhyanand parted away from him. He was co founder of Super 30 and is man of principles. His contribution is ignored in movie Super 30.

Now a days when Social Media is powerful you can see that he is not giving fake results , no 30 out of 30 . This year 18 students qualified and i am 100 % sure they are from his whole batches. This time also he didn’t disclosed the name prior to result.

P.S Anand Kumar is a great mathematician and Teacher. I have learnt a lot from him ,but unfortunately you can’t qualify IIT without having good knowledge of Physics and Chemistry.

Also he is not a saint , messiah as the world see him.

Four students of IIT Guwahati have claimed that Anand Kumar, the founder of coaching institute Super 30, is a fraud.

IIT-G students file PIL against Super 30 founder Anand Kumar, call him fraud

Bihar Super-30 founder faces smear campaign

Credits : Ankur Verma

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