What was the first thing you did after a break-up?

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The first thing you did after a break-up

  • She unfriends me on facebook
  • Then she blocks me on facebook
  • Needless to say, got blocked on whatsapp as well

I asked her why are you doing this to me ?
She chose not to answer that question.

I cried a lot. Indulged in heavy smoking and drinking for the next couple of weeks. One fine day I realize that she is dating someone else.

That was enough to kill my sadness. That was enough to bring me out of this state of depression.

I asked myself “Does she deserve all what I was going through for her?”

The answer was a HELL NO !
Back then, I had a lot of backlogs in my engineering, could have lost a year due to my backlogs. I decided the best way to answer her was to clear my papers. She thought I wouldn’t clear the papers. Out of sheer vengeance, I started preparing heavily. Studied for 17 hrs straight !
And contrary to her belief, I cleared all my papers.

After the results were declared, I got a text message “Hey, how are you? Did you clear your papers?” and to this lovely message I replied “Behind every successful man there is a woman and behind my success there is a woman who left me when I needed her the most. Vengeance kept me going and I cleared the papers in style. Thank you for your concern. I would not like to hear from you again.”

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