What type of superstitions does we have in India?

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Type of Superstitions does we have in India

The superstitions we believe in today, must have been practiced by our ancestors for some logical reasons, but over the time we have taken some of them to extreme levels:
1. Never sleep with your head facing North:
What they probably meant: If a person sleeps with his head facing North, the asymmetry between the Earth’s magnetic field and the human body’s biomagnetism causes harmful effects on the body related to blood pressure and other diseases.
What we have reduced this to: Sleeping with one’s head in the north is an invitation to death or ghosts.
2. Avoiding work during menstruation:
What they probably meant: Giving the girl some rest. Women were prohibited from doing work because of the discomfort, I guess this was because sanitary pads were not invented then.
What we have reduced this to: Menstruation is a taboo.

3. Avoid Sweeping the floor in the evening:
What they probably meant: Most of them did not have access to electricity, so they simply meant that something valuable might be lost if we sweep the floor in the evening.
What we have reduced this to: Sweeping the floor after sunset brings bad luck.

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4.Throwing coins into rivers and wells:
What they probably meant: In the ancient time’s coins were made of copper, and the intake of copper helps human body. They threw coins in rivers and wells so that the intake of anti-bacteria from copper would benefit the body.
What we have reduced this to: We throw coins in the rivers and wells thinking that it would bring good luck. Guys, please donate instead of throwing stainless steel in the river, it will not benefit you in any way.

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