Is settling in the USA worth it, being an Indian?

There are Pros and Cons in settling in the USA.

——————— Pros ——————–

  • Good match – If you are a bachelor you will a get a good match or if you are in love with some girl(/guy) its easy to convince her(/his) parents.(Personal experience :p)
  • Security – Police, Judicial system, health facilities are better in US.
  • Roads  – Roads are in pretty awesome conditions. You can cover 100 miles (160KM )in approximately 2 hours.
  • Standard of living – For a similar role in US you will earn lot more money to afford good car, house, trips etc.
  • Friendly environment – People are very friendly here. Unknown people will stop on road to help you ,  will hold doors for you ,  will say “Hi, how you doin today ?”. Its easy to make new friends.

—————– Cons ——————–

  • Self service – You have to do almost everything by yourself, coz domestic help is very costly in US. You have to
    wash clothes (in Washing machine),
    clean dishes (in Dish washer),
    clean floor (with Vaccum cleaner),
    prepare food (in microwave or oven).
  • Missing things – There are few things which you might miss all the time.
    • Family and friends
    • Tea stall and Dhabas
    • Festivals like Holi, Diwali, Dushehra, Id(You can visit India only once or twice 🙁 )
    • Awesome food
    • Water in toilet seat. 😛


  • Winters – Winters are long and very cold in US. If you don’t like winters, this is not a place for you.

PS : It depends on personal choice what you want in your life.

Credit goes to : Rajat Mahajan

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