Which profession in India does not get the respect it deserves?

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Shah Rukh Khan’s net worth = $ 700 mn = INR 42 billion (4200 crore)
Dhoni’s net worth = $ 150 mn = INR 9 billion (900 crore)
Sonia Gandhi’s net worth = $ 2 bn (disputed) = INR 120 billion (12,000 crore)

An average soldier’s salary = $7000 = INR 400,000 per annum.

Then again, so are the following:

  1. Any sport. Excluding cricket.
    Doesn’t matter if you win the World Cup. If you are not playing cricket, we don’t care. Take an auto. No one is going to come to receive you for your contribution to the country.
    But if you play cricket, even if you’ve played just a couple of matches, we will shower you with endorsements.

    (On a side note, I wonder why we don’t win any Olympic medals? I mean, we have 1.2 billion people! Such a mystery)

    (Indian Kabbadi world cup winners. You should have picked a “proper” sport, Your fault entirely)

  2. Police force
    You will work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will pay you just above the minimum wage. But expect no gratitude. It is your duty. Also, do not get offended if someone says, “All policewalahs are corrupt. Everyone is involved in bribery.”
  3. Auto and cab drivers
    It is below my dignity to talk to you. I do not even consider you a human being.

    “Ae! Aage se right le!” – Young guy to a 60+ year old auto driver
    “Hey you! Take the next right!”

  4. Teachers
    You are being entrusted with the most important job in the world. To shape the future of our kids. But we will pay you less than what we spend on our dogs monthly food. Also, we will ignore the child all day and finally dump all the blame on you.
  5. Housewives
    No words here. The comic is sufficient.

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