Presence of Mind: What are some of the most difficult questions asked in an interview?

Question 1:

This was asked in the UPSC civil services interview. The candidate was of engineering background.

Why does milk overflow when boiled while water does not?

His answer was, When milk is boiled, the water/moisture in it becomes vapour. But it is trapped under the top creamy layer of milk. So, the vapour tries to push out, spilling out the milk. In case of boiling water, vapour freely evaporates.
That’s spot on.

He became an IPS officer. He mentioned this in his success story in the newspaper, adding that he was surprised by the question.

Question 2

I heard this story from one of my professors in college & I think it is one of the answer given by a person with a great “Presence of Mind”

The candidate who came in for interview was a graduate in history.

Interviewer: You have a degree in History

Candidate: Yes

Interviewer: How would India be different, if it had been ruled by the French instead of the British?

Candidate: This interview would have been in French & not English 🙂

He got selected

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