Are people from India black?

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India is like a PINNACLE of Human races. India is extremely diverse in cultures, languages, religions and Yes, RACES.

The Term Black is used globally as a synonym of ‘African’ or ‘African-descent’.

Black people are very less in India, However India has a huge percentage of ‘Dark’ people. You have to know the differences between ‘Black’ and ‘Dark’.

Black is a race, while Dark is a skin tone.

Another thing you have to know: ‘Indian’ is a nationality, not a race.

India consists of three major races (ethno-lingustic groups) which form 99% of its population. They are:

  • Indo-Mongoloid (belongs to Mongoloid)
  • Indo-Aryan (belongs to Caucasoid)
  • Dravidian (Uncertain)

The rest includes Negroid and Australoid races.

The Mongoloids exhibit a typical epicanthic fold in their upper eyelids. They are shorter and stockier compared to other races. Talking about skin tone, they are little darker compared to their other mongoloid counterparts (like Tibetan, Eskimo, Chinese, Korean etc). Their skin tone ranges from extremely fair to little dark with wheatish skin tones here and there. They live in the North-Eastern states of India and in the eastern parts of states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir.

The Indo-Aryans shortened as Aryans exhibit narrow eyes with defined nose bridge with little European facial bone structure. About skin tone: They vary between fair to dark skin tones. They inhabit the states of Northern, Central, Western and some eastern states of India.

The Dravidians do not belong to any other race and researchers are uncertain about their original mother race. They are usually categorized under Australoid race, but DNA researches have proved their unique identity different from Australoids. Now, about skintone: They range between wheatish to dark and very dark skin tones. They live in the southern states of India.

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Below are some photographs for better understanding… All these people shown below are Indians.

Images Source: Google Images

Indo aryan with fair skin tone.

Indo aryan with wheatish skin tone

Indo-aryan with dark skin tone.

Dravidian with fair skin tone.

Dravidian with wheatish tone.

Dravidian with dark skin tone.

Mongoloid with fair skin tone.

Mongoloid with wheatish skin tone.

Mongoloid with dark skin tone

Negroids (all negroids have black skin tone)

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Below shows the Jarawa tribe of the Andaman Islands, a scheduled tribe of India.

Australoids (they have very dark skin tone)

Below shows the Munda tribe of eastern India, a scheduled tribe too.

But in present—day India, due to wide predominant mixing of all these races, People with mixed races exist. Eg: Mongoloid-Aryan and Dravido-Aryan who exhibit unique and diverse skin tones. According to the results of recent researches, Nearly 70% of Indians are ‘Mixed’ i.e., having physical traits from two or more races.

A fact one has to note is that, these races are no more considered as “races” but rather as ethno-linguistic groups.

Edit: Readers need to know one more thing, No present-day Indian is pure Dravidian or pure Aryan or pure Mongoloid or even pure INDIAN! Every individual Indian is a mix of various genes from various races. A North Indian from Rajasthan might also have Dravidian genes, while a South Indian from Karnataka might have Aryan genes.

All these people are INDIANS because, ‘Indian’ is not a race, ‘Indian’ is a term that refers to the people living in the Lands of INDIA.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Credits: Bawin

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