Why are people crazy about IAS?

IAS is a mythological figure for most Indians. They see one of their Avatars as District Magistrate giving orders to everyone and they wish to be like them.

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People are crazy about IAS because of several reasons. Some of these are myths and some are reality.

1. IAS officers are too powerful. They can change the society single handedly

2. IAS officers can’t be removed by anyone in India

3. IAS officers live in big bungalow  like VIP

4. IAS officers have a large contingent of servants at house

5.  IAS officers move in red-light vehicle which every police officer salute

6.  IAS officers make the headlines of newspaper

7.  All the government departments are under the control of IAS officers

8.  IAS officers can make any amount of money by legal (or illegal) means

9.  IAS officers can appoint anyone to government job and dismiss anyone from service

10.  They are close to top people of the country like PM, CM and Ministers

When they see IAS officers having everything that they desire, they become crazy to become an IAS officer.

Credit goes to : Awdhesh Singh

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