What was the most painful and/or cruel death in history?

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Cruel death in history

Banda Singh Bahadur:

He was a follower of tenth and last Guru of Sikhs, Gobind Singh. He was sent to Punjab(North India) by Guru himself from Western parts of India to take on the repressing Mughals. He had won significant area from Mughals before getting captured from his fort in Punjab and then taken to Delhi. Here’s how he was tortured to death on 9th June 1716.:

  • Heads of 300 soldiers under his command were kept on spears during his transfer to Delhi from Punjab
  • His son (5–6 years old kid) was cut into two pieces in front of his eyes and his flesh put in Banda’s mouth.
  • Banda’s eyes were gouged out with a dagger
  • His foot was severed with a sword
  • His arms were severed one by one.
  • His flesh was torn-off with red-hot pincers.
  • Finally his head was chopped-off.

The Mughals wanted to set an example for the common-man of that time so as to prevent any revolts in future. But instead, Banda set an example of how strong will of a man can be!

Here’s the pic of warrior Banda Singh Bahadur:

Credits: Google Sardar Banda Singh Bahadur

Credits: Harsimran Singh Dhami

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