What’s the most outstanding life hack?

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Most outstanding life hack


A long, cold one if possible.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already taken one in the morning.

The next time you are…

  • Feeling lost- Take a shower!
  • Feeling guilty- Take a shower!
  • Feeling unproductive- Take a shower!
  • Feeling stressed- Take a shower!
  • Feeling bored- Take a shower!
  • Feeling depressed- Take a shower!
  • Feeling lazy/sleepy- Take a shower!
  • Feeling sweaty- Take a shower! (:P)

Meh! It may seem like a pretty obvious thing to do, but you would be surprised to find out the number of people who put off taking showers, out of mere laziness.

It’s almost magical. The person who entered into the shower isn’t the same as the one coming out. Ideas you never thought of could be born in bathrooms.

Showers are a healthier alternative to caffeine! It helps you wake up instantly and gets back your focus, while caffeine makes you crash after a while. Ironically, a well-timed shower can help you get a sound sleep as well.

Something as simple as a shower can change your day. Think about it!

The next time you are feeling even a little off— 5–4–3–2–1… GRAB a TOWEL and RUN to the SHOWER!

Do it.

Credits: Prashanth Vaidya

Maruthi Prasad

I'm Maruthi Prasad,a self made entrepreneur.Founded TechnoSymbol.com and WeAreJobSeekers.com .And also I am a web designer & web developer based in Bangalore,India.

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