What should one not do in life?

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  • Don’t be in a secret relationship with anyone. It should be private but never a secret. Otherwise the consequences are waiting for you.
  • Don’t hide anything from your parents and best friends. These are the only people who will take you out of any bad situation.
  • Don’t do drinks,drugs,smoking when you are depressed. These actions will never help you,rather it will push you in dark.
  • Don’t make any call to your ex if they have warned not to. You have your self respect and remember they have left you or you have left them for a reason. Remember that.
  • Don’t give free advices to people unless you are asked to. They will not take it seriously, speak when it is asked.
  • Don’t make gossips about anyone or anything even if you know much about it. People are always observing you. If you keep passing comments on others they will lose respect for you too.
  • Don’t discuss about your past with anyone. Just move on.
  • Don’t say “I love you” to anyone if you don’t mean it.  These 3 words can be a whole world for someone. Don’t fake it if you don’t mean it.
  • Don’t upload your personal photos on social media. Notorious people are waiting for it.
  • Don’t judge people by their cloths, skin or money. This world is changing with every single second, you never know who will reach where. Nothing is permanent.
  • Don’t leave your parents. It is your duty to take care of them. Because they have introduced you to this world.
  • Don’t use vehicles for short distances. Save our Mother Earth.
  • Don’t think about your weaknesses. Think how to be strong at that.
  • Don’t beg for money. You are always capable to earn your own. Respect yourself by not begging but by taking care of your own.

“Words mean nothing, when your actions contradict.”

Thank you.  🙂

Credit goes to: Tejal Bagul

Maruthi Prasad

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