One Minute life hacks that useful to your entire Life

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One Minute life hack

One Minute life hack 1:  To improve your concentration power

Take a pen

Remove the cap

Place the pen or hold it with your hand about 30cm away from your eyes

Stare at the tip of the pen. 

Don’t think about anything, just look at it

Initially, it will be difficult (thoughts will come to your mind and disturb you), but practice this it will improve your concentration

Note: don’t stare for too long (approx. one minute) otherwise eyes will start straining.

Practicing this exercise before doing any work which requires your full attention

 One Minute life hacks 2:  A tiny hack for overcoming negative thoughts

When you obsessed with negative thoughts and couldn’t control them

Place a rubber around your wrist

Whenever a negative thought comes to your mind, snap that rubber as tough as you can. The pain will be conditioned to your subconscious mind linking with negative thoughts. Gradually by linking physical pain factor with negative thought on conditioning, our subconscious mind will be alerted and alarmed before stepping into negative move

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 One Minute life hacks 3:  Got a difficult problem, use your subconscious mind

 if anytime you encounter a problem you think is out of your reach or is a turn it over to your subconscious mind, just before sleeping tell yourself like a lullaby that you can solve this problem you have the knowledge required to do so and do it with full faith and you will get the positive results for sure

One Minute life hacks 4: Wake Up early in the Morning Every day without an Alarm clock

Just before going to sleep, sit on your bed hold your pillow close and whisper (in its ears)

Wake me up at—A.M

Ex-wake me up at 5 AM

Say this to your pillow at least 15times. Surprisingly your eyes will automatically open at 5 AM or whatever time you told to your pillow

 It works for me Try it tonight, say the exact sentence “wake me up at 5 AM” see if it works

 One Minute life hacks 5: Force a smile

 When you woke up in the morning, go in front of the mirror and force yourself and smile around 10 seconds

It will make you feel more happy and positive for starting the day.


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