As a Muslim, will you say “Bharat Mata ki jai”? Why or why not?

If I stand correct,
Bharat mata ki jai means “India my Motherland stand Victorious”.

I have no problem in saying that as a Muslim.
Infact it is mentioned in the Quran that a muslim should follow the rules of his country and protect it with his life if such an event arises,Until the country does not oppose Islam.

Our Country is a secular one,and has so much diversification.

I always hope our country remains victorious along with its people.

Nevermind the radical groups. Since ages they have tried to shake our unity but we have stood strong and proved them wrong.

Let all the Indians have in their heart,be they from any caste or religion..In the end we are all Indians.

Bharat mata ki jai.
Jai Hind.

Credit goes to : Muzain Tahir

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