What is your most memorable cultural shock?

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In Japan, during my first week here, I had to go through a medical check-up in the university clinic, a normal procedure for the new students and old ones as well.

I didn’t know where the clinic building was, so I asked another student about it. She told me that she was on her way to the clinic too, and that she could show me the place. While we were on our way, she began asking me where I was coming from and so on; as I was replying to her, I noticed that she was wearing a face-mask, one exactly like this:

I thought that perhaps it was a must to wear a face-mask before going to the clinic, as a kind of protection against some prospective infections.

I asked her: “Is it necessary to wear a face-mask before going to the clinic?

She replied: “No, no… I just didn’t do my makeup today.”

Credit goes to: Mostafa Noah

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