Meet Frederik – The Most Handsome Horse In The World

Meet Frederik – The Most Handsome Horse In The World

I have found him! Now if only I could find the knight in shining armour on him. In case you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, worry not. Meet Frederik the Great, the most handsome horse in the world!

It’s the horse that women like me dream of, along with the Knight in shining armour, obviously.

Named after the Prussian monarch who ruled from 1740 to 1786, Frederik is owned by the Pinnacle Friesians farm in the Ozark Mountains in the U.S. Described as a gentle giant by his owners, he is considered the most photogenic horse in the world.

He’s gone viral for his long, majestic hair and his extremely photogenic appearance.

“Frederik is considered one of the most photographic Friesians in the world, his beautiful photographs [have] been admired by millions worldwide,” his owners told The Telegraph.

Interestingly, he is a mini-celebrity of sorts. The stallion has been approached by many film producers for several movie projects. What’s more – he has his own page on Facebook which boasts of more than 14k followers!

Frederik, whose hair changes according to his mood, and reaches down to the ground when standing, is in such demand that his owners have even started offering his services for breeding.

“Frederik will contribute so many attributes to his offspring some of which would include height, performance potential, wonderful temperament, conformation, excellent gaits, smooth transitions, a great willingness to work, very strong black gene, and tons of hair!” they wrote in an advertisement.

His enviable mane with tousled waves has left many social media users awestruck. Going by the posts on his very own FB page, it’s clear that most women can’t stop gushing over him and the hair goals he’s set for all of us!

“There will NEVER be a more majestic, handsome, sexy horse on the face of the earth,” one Facebook user wrote. “Never, ever.”

“We call people and cars sexy, but can we say that about an animal?” one admirer, Carolette, asked. “The hell with it, that horse is sexy! lol :)”

” … I love Frederik,” one fan wrote on the stallion’s Facebook page, “he knows how majestic he looks […] but he is so wonderful. I would just love to see him and touch him.”

“When I die I want to be cremated , put in a pretty little [vial] necklace and hang around the neck of a beautiful horse like Frederick for a few days,” another wrote, “so I can say I rode with the wind.”.

Learn more about Frederik the Great in this video:

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