What makes you sad about India

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What makes you sad about India

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I don’t understand the logic of some people




If you fight for cruelty against Cats and Dogs then you are an animal lover, good human being and kind hearted person.


If u fight for Cows then you are a communal, Sanghi, Cow vigilante, Hindu Fanatic, Hindu Taliban, Right wing etc

If u really care for rights of animals then condemn all, don’t be selective.

Edit 1: I’m not against non-vegetarians. I just want to expose this so called animal lovers. If u fight for animals, fight for all.

Supreme court bans #Jallikattu festival citing cruelty against animals.

SC refuses to review 2014 court ban on jallikattu

while the same supreme court says “Can’t interfere in animal sacrifice tradition”

Can’t interfere in animal sacrifice tradition: Supreme Court – Times of India

is it not selective?

People who are questioning “what make u sad about India?”

The hypocrisy of people makes me sad about India.

  1. Bull sport is brutal and barbaric whereas eating bull is right to choose food.

2. Ban on Movies

PK which mocked lord shiva is tax-free but ban on vishwaroopam.

Recently we have seen controversies around Udta Punjab movie. Many celebrities/politicians came in support of that movie but kamal hasan cried in front of media to allow his film Vishwaroopam. Have u seen any celebrity/politician in support of kamal Hasan?

3. Mocking Hindu gods is humor but drawing cartoons is not at all funny.

4. She proudly says “I am beef eater”, can she say “I draw cartoons?”

5. Supreme court has enough time to decide height of Dahi Handi and the age of people who participate in it. But don’t have time to stop spitting blood on Bakr-eid.

6.Secular logic

In 1976, Indira Gandhi with the 42nd amendment to Indian constitution introduced the word “secular” while the opposition leaders were in jail.

India was, is and will be secular with or without that amendment.

  1. No one cares about pollution for 364 days but advice people to celebrate cracker less Diwali.
  2. No one cares about polluting our rivers, ponds, and lakes for 364 days but advice people to celebrate water less Holi.
  3. No one cares about birds for 364 days but advice people to avoid flying kites because it may hurt them.
  4. No one stops using plastic through out the year but advice people to use clay Ganesha.
  5. Have u seen any celebrity/politician advising people to donate blood in blood banks instead of spitting?

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