What is love in its purest form?

love in its purest form

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The other day I was at the temple distributing sweets to poor children. Just then a kid came to me and tugged at my dupatta saying-

“Didi, bahut bhook lagi hai, mujh thoda zyada dena.”

Translation – “Sister, I am hungry, please give me some extra sweets”

I looked at the poor kid. He must have been 5 or 6 years old. He looked so famished as if he hadn’t eaten anything in the last two days. His eyes were so sullen that I could almost feel his pain. I asked him his name.

“Didi, mera naam Krishna hai. Mere Baba beemar hain. Aaj woh rickshaw chalaane nahi gaye. Isliye main bhooka hun.”

Translation – “Sister, my name is Krishna. My dad is ill. He didn’t go to work today. Hence, I am hungry.”

I held that little boy’s hand and took him to the shop nearby. I bought one plate moong daal laddoo and gave it to him. He thanked me and left.

I didn’t leave and decided to see what he would do with the laddoos. There were 4 in one plate. He went inside the temple and handed over the entire plate to his ill father saying –

“Maine kha liya hai. Ab aap kha lo.”

Translation – “I have already eaten. You may eat this.”

This was definitely love in its purest form which made him offer the entire plate to his ailing father despite being hungry.

I was left speechless with this little kid’s act. I immediately bought 2 more plates of moong daal laddoos and gave them to him. He smiled at me and said – “Bye Didi”. 🙂

I managed to murmur  – “Bye Krishna. God bless”.

Credit goes to: Richa Sharma

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