What is it like to be an Indian Muslim?

Hi, I’m an Indian & Muslim. My country is governed by the political party – BJP which is known to follow Hindu ideologies to the core.

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Your question is indeed thought provoking. Let me give you an insight:

We just celebrated the festival of Eid. Like any other Muslim, I went to Mosque to pray. For a festival as celebrated as Eid, people turn up to pray in thousands and the Mosque that I attended had 3-floors offering 2-rounds of prayer so that everyone could get a chance.

The Government of India had deputed around 10 Delhi Police personnel up to the ranks of Sub Inspectors for our protection. It isn’t that we live in a very violent atmosphere. India is a very peaceful place to live. The Mosque I went to, too, was just one of the dozen others in the same locality & doesn’t hold a historical significance or was built by Mughals.

So, the gist is, the Government that is mostly offended and abused to be anti Muslim & with a hardcore Hindu ideology, made provisions so that we could pray peacefully, which is indeed rare to find even in countries with a Muslim majority and an Islamic government.

My colleague, who’s not a Muslim offered me an apple during the month of Ramzan (the month of fasting for Muslims) at 7 in the evening and said, “Kha le,toone subah se kuch nahi khaya.” (“Have this apple, you haven’t had anything since morning “). After I told him I still have half an hour to go, he kept it on my table. Only after I assured that I’ll have a full meal, he had it for himself.

Yes, there are issues and it’s pretty much expected in a country like India where we have a mix of almost every religion on the planet. But, trust me, a Muslim (rather, sane Muslim) will never revolt against this nation. I have never felt mis-positioned in this country.

Jai Hind!

Credit goes to: Yusuf Hassan

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