Life Advice: Which single incident changed the way you look at life?


An incident which not only changed my life but changed my perception towards life.

I am a 22 year old boy, working in TCS from the last five months in my hometown. I was living a monotonous life.

One day i went to eat paw-bhajji ( Burgers ) in a road side stall. Two brother were working in that stall. One was preparing it, the other one was serving it. As it was 6 in the evening, so they were expecting customers and i was the first one. I gave the order and in the meanwhile i started talking with the younger brother who was there for serving the meal. He had a nice atheletic body. I asked him do you study? just one simple question and he went on….

I am in college 1st year, I have my chemistry practical tomorrow and after that I have a football match in the evening. I asked him when will he study? he replied in a relaxed manner, as soon as i reach home around 11 pm , I will study the whole night and I also have to practice some special moves of football so that I can impress girls of our college. I asked him how do you practice?? He said ‘ I dont have TV in my home, so I tell some of my friends  to download videos and they give it to me. By looking at the videos in my mobile, I practice. then his elder brother started ‘ he is a great footballer , everyone in his college calls him ronaldo, and he went on!!

I asked the younger brother which footballer do you follow?

His reply blew my mind, he said ‘ I dont have time to follow any footballer, i just learn through videos and practice so that some day everyone will follow me’

I asked him, It must be difficult for you managing college, stall, football all together?

He smiled and said its not at all difficult, i enjoy what i do..

For degree i have to go to college..

For learning special skills, i have to practice football.

For money, i have to work at this stall.

But still life is very good to me, he added. I want to support my family, and my brother who is doing everything he can to ensure I dont have any problem in my studies, in my football practice ( recently he gifted me with pair of boots 🙂 ).

PS : This incident really made me think that if a person in such conditions can be this happy and excited, anyone in this entire world can be!!

Edit 1 : Here I present the terrific twins …. after all they deserve all the limelight. :D.

Credit: Kshitij Vatsa

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