What are the lessons people most often learn too late in life?

lessons people most often learn too late in life

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Never complain in life , since what you have is sufficient ..!!!!

This story was narrated by a professor at Convo of Harvard University for Graduates in Taj , Mumbai.

Once upon a time, in a village lived a stonecutter. He use to cut stones, sell them and earn food for himself and his family.

One day, while returning from stone cutting business he got extremely tired. At the same time a king’s troops rallied. Stonecutter thought how lucky king is, he has nothing to do. No hardwork require and there is so much of leisure in his life. He wished for being a king.

His wish accepted. He was made king.

When he was king, again he rallied with his troops. He was wearing a heavy metallic crown on his head. That day sun was scorching and it irritated the stonecutter due to heat. He could not remove it as it was pride of a king.

He thought sun is so powerful, and wished for being a sun.

His wish accepted and he was made Sun

He enjoyed being sun, the most powerful and provide sunlight to livings on earth. But then monsoon arrived and the black clouds overpowered sun’s rays. All the rays of powerful sun was diminished by dense clouds.

Again the stonecutter thought clouds are more powerful than sun. So he wished for being clouds.

His wished accepted and he was made cloud.

On becoming clouds he was very happy. He used to block the sun’s rays and shower rains. People on earth felt very happy. He felt happy too. Untill a strong mountain came into way of cloud. The cloud collided with heavy mountain and was bursted. Then stonecutter thought mountains are most powerful and he wished for being a giant mountain.

His wish accepted and he was made mountain.

On being mountain he felt ecstatic and enjoyed his immense power and strength. One day one stonecutter came and started breaking mountains for stones. Days after days he continued to break mountain stones. And one day mountain was broken. Then he thought that stone cutter can break such a giant mountain. He is the most powerful.

His wish accepted and he was made stonecutter

Result is whatever you are. You are powerful , strong and rich. Never compare yourself with anyone else. People who compare themselves are always sad with something or the other.

So be yourself. Live life. Life is too short to complain about it.

Cheers to Life…!!!!!

Credit goes to: Shivam Mishra

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