What are some lessons that life teaches you?

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  • Sex, porn, and condom are taboo topics in front of Indian parents.
  • Best friend leaves if you aren’t successful.
  • Happy people don’t chase people, they chase memories in life.
  • Pretty girls have stupid partners because good guys are too busy pursuing their goals.
  • Being selfish is better than being a loser in life.
  • iPhone and Salman Khan are overrated.
  • It is OK not to share everything with parents as they aren’t always right.
  • Money can get you laid for a night but can’t offer happiness.
  • Hanging out with four broken friends can increase your chances of being like them.
  • Father will pray for your success even if you slap him for no reason.
  • It is practically difficult to pursue ‘passion’ due to which most people are stuck in the wrong profession.
  • The early you start investing money into the market, heavier the corpus you draw.
  • Studying seems the easiest thing to do until we lift the books.
  • It is hard to accept a defeat from a girl.
  • 9–5 jobs do not offer a paycheck of billions unless you are the CEO of a software giant like Google.
  • Maturity is when you realize that parents are the only permanent people in life.
  • 300 or more likes on Facebook don’t prove that a person is trustworthy.
  • Women are complicated to understand.


Credits: Kshitij Chitransh

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