What is the latest fad among the youth of India?

  • Wishing their mothers on mother’s day on facebook.

You and your mom are in the same house.why can’t you wish directly?

  • Uploading a collage of their friend’s pics on their friend’s birthday.

What happened to the concept of wishing them personally?

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  • Taking pictures of anything and everything they eat and post it on social networking sites.

Do they pay to eat or to take pictures?

  • Ordering more dishes than one could eat and wasting it. Or to just nibble on the food(especially girls)

Seriously dude, do you consider it stylish?

  • Inventing a new style of English language! ‘Meh bestieeee eva!!!!

ROFL! Had a gr8 tym wit yu guy’s!
Is it a new dialect of English?

  • Check-ins everywhere. Sometimes even when they are at the home! ‘@ home sweeeet home!!’ followed by a myriad of smileys!

As if one cares whether they are in home or not!

  • Using more smileys than texts! A two-word sentence with exclamation marks!!!!!!! followed by whatever smileys they have.

Ok. So now I got it why there are so many smileys in my social networking accounts.

  • The latest trending hype: Dubsmash!!

Seriously! Trying out for a chance in Bollywood?

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