Is life really fair?

Is life really fair

My roommate and I, both got placed from campus selection. Fair enough, isn’t it?

After joining the company, within 2 weeks he was thrown out of the company (Syntel) for no reason. They said it was because of his weak communication skill. He became jobless and had a huge amount of loan. Not fair, right?

He tried very hard, but he had his own ego, so he didn’t want to join a company which was ready to pay only pennies. Tried for GATE, cleared, but his rank was not enough to get him into a good college. 2 years wasted. Not fair, right?

Ask any jobless youngster, how difficult life is for him, due to family pressure. A fully-grown man, when asks for money for his living expenses from family, certainly torment for self-respect as well as ego. Not fair, right?

Where his college friends were earning, going on-sites, some of them owned flat, four wheelers and all basic luxury. And he was living in the PG, away from home. And he was watching silently, cursing his luck. Life was not fair in any way for him.

3 years passed, he gave a thought for his own start-up. But in 1 year, that start-up failed. Now, he has no job, no money and a life where Indian society started asking questions like,kya kar rahe ho aajkal (what are you doing these days). And a silence from him used to say everything from what he was going through. Is life really fair?

After all these struggles, one thing never happened: he never surrendered. He kept on trying. The Loan amount became huge from big, but he didn’t stop. And finally, it (hard work) paid off.

Finally, he got a job of an IT officer in State Bank of India. A quite impressive job where, Company provided him a 3 BHK flat in Mumbai, whereas there was a time when he spent 4 years in the dormitory. Now, he was provided every luxury which we couldn’t earn after 5 years of job. In one year, his life changed from darker to brighter side, from bottom to top.

A question he kept on asking: is life really fair? No, life is not fair for those who surrender. Keep trying until this world justifies your hard work.

The Rest is your wish. Keep cribbing about your shitty life, while sitting whole day on the sofa and watching others’ life and their success.

Credits: Ashish Ranjan

Maruthi Prasad

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