What are some interesting facts about Mukesh Ambani?

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Interesting facts about Mukesh Ambani

Apart from Jio , there are some other interesting facts about Mukesh Ambani.

  • He owns the world’s largest refinery.
  • He discontinued his MBA to join hand with his father in business.
  • His Nick name is “muku” and it was very popular in his childhood.
  • He becomes very nervous when it comes to public speaking.
  • He owns one of the world’s most expensive private house.
  • His industry contributes 5% to the country’s GDP.
  • He is a cine buff and watch at least 3 movies in a week.
  • He owns a customized car-bus/vanity van worth around 25 crore Indian Rupees.
  • He has never tasted alcohol in his life and he is also a pure vegetarian.

Hope you will find it interesting.

Credits: Ajay Jena

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