What are Indians doing wrong on WhatsApp?

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Wrong on WhatsApp

The following false message about India and origin of its name.

The message reads like:

America is called America in English

China is called China in English

Japan is called Japan in English

Brazil is called Brazil in English

Australia is called Australia in English

Even, Pakistan is called Pakistan in English

Then why is Bharath (Name of India in Hindi Language) called India in English?

Because, according to Oxford dictionary,

I – Independent

N- Nation

D- Declared

I – In

A- August



*Message ends*

I was like:

This is one of the most annoying texts forwarded blindly on WhatsApp.

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The actual reason why India is called so is clearly fathomed from the below given link.

Check it out if you wish to know

why is india called india

Now I almost stopped (force-stopped) believing any stuff on WhatsApp. ‘cause I can’t open Google all the time when ever I get a forwarded message to check its authenticity. Tired and vexed!

Edit suggested by Vansh Gupta

  • India has many name due to its long and prosperous history.

    Bharat:- Name is derived from the ancient Indian texts upon legendary Hindu king Bharata. and official sanskrit name.

    Hindustan:- Means Land between Himayalaya ‘HI’ and sindu river ‘indu’ given by Persian

    India:- Denotes region beyond Indus river given by western countries

    Aryavarta:-Name for india in classical Sanskrit Literature. Land of the Aryas (nobel men).

    Jambudvip: Used in ancient scriptures for the name of India before Bharata became the official name scriptures began using.

    Tianzhu:-Chinese name for ancient India, translates roughly to “heaven center”

    Tenjiku:- Japanese name for pre-morden era .Tian, means “heaven”, while, jiku, means: “the center of”.

    There are many countries who also have english as well as their native name:
    Some of the prominent are:

    1. Japan: Nihon and Nippon
    2. North Korea: Choson
    3. South Korea: Hanguk
    4. Cambodia: kampuchia
    5. China : Zhongguo
    6. Eygpt : Misr
    7 Austria : Oesterreich
    8. Germany : Deutschland
    9. Greece: Hellas
    10 Hungari: Magyarorszag
    11. Poland: Polska
    12. Spain: Espana
    13. Switzerland: Schweiz

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