What do Indians think about other countries?

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Pakistan: Beautiful girls and terrorists.

Bangladesh: Stupid and arrogant cricket team

Sri lanka: sanath jaysuria

Nepal: extension of india

Bhutan: beautiful nation

China: cheap electronics

Afghanistan: victim of policies of usa, Russia and Pakistan

Iran: new friend of india

Iraq: unsafe

Saudi arabia; how can women live there

Uae: expensive cars

Japan: fast Internet

South korea: copy of Japan

North korea: stupid dictator

Thailand: prostitition

Malaysia: MH370

Indonesia; cheap honeymoon island: bali

Australia: awesome cricket team

New zealand: one of the safest countries

Spain: How did they win their last fifa world cup?

Portugal: Ronaldo

Britain and UK: why are they still paying royalty to the Queen?

Usa: jobs mba and Ms

Canada: punjab

Brazil: sexy Latinos

Argentina: Messi Maradona and sexy Latinos

Mexico: drugs

All West indies islands: drugs and cricket team

Russia: vodka, beautiful girls, putin

Ukraine: why do they mess up with Russia?

Israel: awesome tech guys. They don’t leave manali easily.

Germany; automobile industry

Italy: pizza and pasta

France: Charlie hebdo attack

Holland: Amsterdam and prostitition

Mongolia: descendants of genghis khan?

South africa: European colony

Egypt: pyramids

Nigeria: want to win a 100 crore lottery?

Drc: where’s the food?

Republic of congo: is it a different country than Drc?

West africa: ebola

Somalia: pirates

Kenya: a nation which used to have a cricket team, currently fighting with all shabab

Morocco and tunisia: used to be awesome travel destinations before the terrorist attacks

Mauritius: what is it part of Africa?

Mozambique: our new source of pulses

Madagascar: animated movie. Is it a country?

Ireland: too white

Vietnam: won a war with usa

Kuwait: airlift movie

Jordan: is it a Muslim nation?

Kazakhstan: where’s that?

Croatia: beautiful women

Eastern europe: econo

Credit goes to: Lakshay Kaushik

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