What should Indians learn from the rest of the world?

That no one is above law.

Maria Sharapova, a five-time Grand Slam winner, failed drug test at January’s Australian Open. As soon as she accepted the full responsibility for it, Nike, Tag Heuer and Porsche distance themselves from her and suspended her contract without any delay.

Manny Pacquiao, an 8-division boxing champion, recently made comments against gay marriage. Nike, describing his comments as ‘abhorrent’, severed it’s ties with him.

The similar consequences were faced by Kobe Bryant when he was charged with rape in 2003, golfer Tiger Woods for his extra-marital affairs scandal in 2009, and the list goes on and on with names like Marion Jones, Oscar Pistorius and Justin Gatlin, NFL players Michael Vick, Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice, football player Joey Barton, plus cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Whereas in India, even convicted criminals are endorsing brands and earning in lakhs and crores. This shows that Indians follow the celebrities frantically and their criminal background doesn’t matter to Indian audience.

Hit and run case, Black-buck hunting case, remarks about 26/11 and and tweets on Yakub Memon should have been enough reason for brands to suspend Salman Khan. But instead, he is endorsing brands like Thums Up, Revital, Wheel, Suzuki Motorcycles,Yatra.com, Dixcy Scott, Splash, Relaxo etc.

We Indians should stop following celebrities blindly. If a criminal endorsing your brand doesn’t affect the brand image and popularity among Indians, then something is seriously wrong with us. I believe such harsh consequences is required so as the person will behave responsibly and hence, creating a positive image and fear of law among all his followers.

Credit goes to: Radhika Mishra

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