Why do Indian Rupee notes only have a picture of Mahatma Gandhi?

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The currency currently being used is called Mahatma Gandhi series which was introduced in 1996.

Before 1996, the currency didn’t have Mahatma Gandhi’s face on it, rather there were different pictures ranging from Ashoka Pillar, Tanjore Temple, India Gate, Bengal Tiger, Aryabhatta satellite and many more.

Earlier 10 rupee note and present one

Earlier 50 rupees note and current one

Earlier 100 rupees note and current one

All different types of notes were scraped and new Gandhi series was started mainly because of

  • More types created more chance of fake currency.
  • People got confused whether the new note was real or fake.
  • States were fighting to get tourist places in their regions on currency notes.

If single series had to be chosen, why Gandhi?, why not Tiger? Or Parliament building?

RBI decided that it is difficult to create a fake currency of Human Being as any subtle changes can be easily identified. And Gandhi was an unanimous choice as he had a very good image among all religions and all parts of the India.

Apart from these there were many other notes such as

Tanjore Temple

Gateway of India


Oil Rig(to show development)

Aryabhatta satellite

Konark Sun Temple


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